Best Whey Protein Break Review: Atlhetica raises the bar for protein wafers

Nov 10th, 2020

Best Whey Protein Break is one of the many and most recent spin-offs of Atlhetica Nutrition’s original Best Whey protein powder. It is a protein bar, however not the usual chewy, doughy kind, but a light, crispy, wafer-based snack that delivers better than any other wafer we’ve had. It is super high in protein with 5g per bar but it has zero sugar and a reasonable 120 calories.

The trouble with most protein wafers is they’re too dry. As soon you bite into them, they soak up everything in your mouth and leave you picking out packed in chunks. It is that effect that really ruins the experience even in the bars that have great flavor, as the dryness distracts you. There are good ones out there, although the majority of them still have a slight dryness and teeth packing effect.

best whey protein break review


Atlhetica Nutrition’s Best Whey Protein Break has no disappointing dryness, coming through with a product that feels and tastes like a traditional sugary wafer treat. It features a solid chocolate layer around the outside that hits with a sweet flavor as soon as your teeth sink in. The chocolate helps moisten up the wafers that you seamlessly bite through for that traditional crispy wafer consistency.

best whey protein break review

To top off, in between those wafers are more layers of chocolate, which turn Best Whey Protein Break into an unforgettable candy bar-like treat. It’s a product that’ll have you turning over the wrapper and questioning how it has zero sugar and almost three times the protein of a standard wafer. The zero sugar was something we felt might be too much of a challenge and ruin the bar, although that is definitely not the case.

There are three flavors to Athletica Nutrition’s Best Whey Protein Break starting with Original and its creamy, milk chocolate flavor. You then have Double Chocolate providing a richer chocolate fudge-like experience, and Chocolate Strawberry combining realistic white chocolate with a slightly stronger sweet strawberry taste. While Original is our favorite, you honestly won’t be disappointed with any of the three.

best whey protein break review


We have tried a lot of wafer style protein snacks in our time, but Best Whey Protein Break certainly takes the cake. While it doesn’t have the high protein you get in some of the others out there, Athletica Nutrition makes it more than worth the sacrifice and really raises the bar for protein wafers. As mentioned, it’s not overly high protein, although it is a must-try for fans of creative protein snacks and functional foods.