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Pecan Pie to make it eight different flavors for Bowmar’s Vegan Protein

bowmar nutrition pecan pie vegan protein

New flavors are something Bowmar Nutrition releases a lot of, and that has not changed in 2020, despite everything that’s gone on. The hard-working brand from Josh and Sarah Bowmar has expanded the menus of several supplements, which it’s planning to do yet again, later this week. At precisely midday Eastern Time on Friday, the brand is adding another option to its plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Vegan Protein already comes in seven different flavors, far more than your typical plant-based protein powder. It has creative options like Cherry Pie, Blueberry Donut, and Fruity Cereal, with the upcoming addition to the product being Pecan Pie. Once again, the brand plans to welcome Pecan Pie to its Vegan Protein menu on Friday through its website, where a tub of 28 servings will cost you $49.99.