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Strawberry Guava Celsius expected to be hitting stores in the coming weeks

celsius strawberry guava

Beverage brand Celsius has announced a fresh new flavor for its flagship energy drink, featuring vitamins, minerals, taurine, guarana, ginger root, and a total of 200mg of caffeine per can. The upcoming option is another carbonated creation, like most of the beverage’s other flavors such as Peach Vibe, Fuji Apple Pear, and Acai Green Tea, and there is some exclusivity to it.

The latest Celsius energy drink flavor is a delicious two-part taste in Strawberry Guava, with guava being something the brand has tackled previously with Kiwi Guava. As mentioned, there is some exclusivity to the product as it is only being released through fitness channels in North America, which will include gyms and fitness centers such as Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness.

According to the brand, the Strawberry Guava Celsius energy drink is expected to hit distributors by the end of the week. Based on that, you can probably expect to see it out and available within the next few weeks.

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