Guerrilla Chemist talks about his unique approach to formulating for Chemix

Nov 18th, 2020
chemix guerrilla chemist podcast interview

For this week’s interview episode of the Stack3d podcast, we brought on the creative and scientific mind behind the 2019 Newcomer Of The Year winner Chemix, with Bryan Moskow, better known as the Guerrilla Chemist. Anyone that knows, spoken to, or watched any of his videos, will be aware that he knows his stuff and goes well beyond just ingredients and dosages.

In the podcast episode, we talk about some of the Guerrilla Chemist’s latest Chemix supplements, including the natural muscle builder Natabolic, the effective weight loss formula Cortibloc, and the promising new focus formula, Chemix Nootropic. One of the many things we learned about the Guerrilla Chemist in the interview is his unique approach, which is far from common.

When it comes to formulating any type of supplement, the Guerrilla Chemist actually looks into how the effect or benefit he is wanting is created in the body by way of various mechanisms of action. He even researches pharmaceuticals, then hunts down studies and papers of natural alternatives, and after all of that, eventually looks at sourcing it for supplements.

The approach is refreshing to hear, especially since most of the time, we see brands sticking with mainstream ingredients that many others have used. It is also impressive the freedoms the Guerrilla Chemist has in creating supplements in that he isn’t as limited by keeping products under a certain price, with the two-ingredient Cortibloc being a great example of that.

You can catch the full, almost one-hour interview episode on all of the usual podcast platforms, including SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.