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Dragon Pharma brings its premium Rx Series approach to digestion and gut health

dragon pharma digestion

Dragon Pharma who has been exceptional this year with its consistency in new releases and flavor expansions, has added a fresh new supplement this week to its Rx Series, which is actually one of its launches from 2020. The hardcore brand’s Rx Series is a comprehensive and well thought out approach to health and wellness, with separate products for different areas such as Prostate, Immune, and Cardio.

The Dragon Pharma Rx Series originally started with six supplements and has now been moved to eight with the introduction of ‘Digestion’. True to its name, Digestion is a product formulated specifically to support and improve digestion and overall gut health. It features a robust blend of probiotics providing 20 billion CFUs, patented PepZin GI, the super probiotic DE111, and the prebiotic fiber PreFor Pro.

Dragon Pharma has simply applied its thorough Rx Series approach to digestion and gut health and created a premium product for that area of the market. It is a fitting addition to the brand’s growing health and wellness collection, which does have many more items on the way. You can grab Dragon Pharma’s Digestion starting today from its website where it is the series’ most expensive entry at $54.99.