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Enhanced Labs reloads its energy and focus-driven pre-workout Rage

enhanced labs rage reloaded

Enhanced Labs has reloaded and relaunched its stimulant pre-workout Rage, which has been appropriately named Rage Reloaded. While the previous version was well put together, featuring a balanced blend of ingredients for energy, focus, pumps, and performance, the sequel puts more attention on the stimulant side for even stronger energy and focus.

Stronger energy and focus

To help with pumps, Enhanced Labs has just a couple of ingredients in Rage Reloaded specifically for that, with 1.5g of taurine and a truly hefty 7g of pure citrulline. Everything else in the pre-workout supplement is there to deliver that intense energy and focus. That includes Compound Solutions’ pair of Dynamine and TeaCrine at 250mg and 200mg, respectively.

enhanced labs rage reloaded

Also included in Rage Reloaded to pack that punch of stimulating energy and focus is DMAE, Cocoabuterol, theanine, 2mg of alpha yohimbine, and a reliable 300mg of caffeine from regular caffeine anhydrous and slow-release, Infinergy dicaffeine malate.

As mentioned, Enhanced Labs has put more focus on the stimulating side of its pre-workout in Rage Reloaded, although the citrulline is definitely in there at a big amount of 7g. If you want those extra pumps however, the brand does have Rage Pump, which is formulated to stack with the regular stimulant Rage, and essentially fills in all the gaps for a complete workout.

Where to buy

Rage Reloaded is going live on the Enhanced Labs website today over at, where a full-size tub will cost you $49.99 before any discount. It comes in a candy-themed Sour Gummy Bears flavor and has 30 full servings per tub with 60 half servings, which is nice to see since most of the packed out pre-workouts these days go with a 20/40 split.