EVL brings together fat loss and sleep support in its all-new NiteLean

Nov 7th, 2020
evl nitelean

EVL is a supplement company that can be found in many different places, all around the world, most notably at the major online retailer, Bodybuilding.com. The brand has a truly extensive lineup of products, ranging from simple, single-ingredient items all the way through to more complex supplements such as its signature pre-workout ENGN and popular BCAA Energy.

This week EVL is welcoming another product to its ever-expanding range, which has its hand in two categories. The latest from the brand is NiteLean, a supplement that aims to improve sleep and recovery, as well as support fat loss and appetite control. The overall idea is to essentially help your body lose weight while getting a good night’s sleep for better overall recovery.

EVL has packed NiteLean with 100mg each of GABA and theanine, 5mg of melatonin, and 50mg of 5-HTP for the sleep side of things, then 200mg each of white kidney bean and green tea for fat loss. The brand already has plenty of weight loss products in its lineup with the likes of Trans4rm and popular stimulant-free LeanMode, all of which NiteLean seamlessly stacks with.

Bodybuilding.com is now stocking EVL’s new nighttime fat burning supplement at $19.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, although to go with the launch, the store has a buy one get one free deal, essentially making it $10 a bottle.