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Glaxon shares the full formula behind its exciting new Specimen YoYo

glaxon specimen

Glaxon has revealed the formula behind the new and improved version of its reputable stimulant pre-workout Specimen, which is launching in two variations. There will be the more intense Specimen YoYo, featuring yohimbine and alpha yohimbine, a sequel to the original, and a lighter Specimen without either of the yohimbines and a lower amount of caffeine.

You can see the combination of ingredients behind Glaxon’s Specimen YoYo or Specimen V2, in the image below. Like the other supplements the brand has revamped in the past couple of months, its goal for the product is to be an all-around improvement. It still aims to increase energy, focus, pumps, and performance, but with new ingredients and dosages to provide more support in some areas.

glaxon specimen

Specimen vs Specimen YoYo

The formula Glaxon has packed into Specimen YoYo is similar to the original, carrying over more than half of its ingredients and a lot of them at the same dosages. Yohimbine and alpha yohimbine are still in there at 2mg and 3mg, respectively, the Cholinace blend remains at 300mg per maximum serving, the caffeine is consistent at 400mg, and there is the usual 3.2g of beta-alanine.

The differences in Specimen YoYo begin with four times the tyrosine at a gram per serving to improve mental focus, no more GlycerPump, and added SantEnergy yerba santa for energy and the brand’s own Astrolyte electrolyte blend to support hydration.

glaxon specimen

Another important feature of the revamped Specimen is in place of 1.5g of betaine, Glaxon has put 1.25g of betaine and a solid 2g of premium NO3-T betaine nitrate for even better pumps. Looking at the changes the brand has made, Specimen YoYo should provide better energy, focus, and pumps, especially with nitrates in there, which always deliver intense muscle pumps.

Lighter Specimen differences

As mentioned, Glaxon is relaunching Specimen in two versions, Specimen YoYo and a lighter Specimen. The facts panel pictured above is for Specimen YoYo, and is the same for the other Specimen with four differences. The less stimulating Specimen has no yohimbine or alpha yohimbine, 25% less caffeine at 300mg per maximum serving, and added Advantra Z.

Available soon

Glaxon is planning to launch its new and improved Specimen YoYo, and the lighter version referred to more simply as Specimen, in the coming weeks. It is going to have the same amount of servings per tub as the original at 21 full servings or 42 halves, with four flavors to choose from in Texas Red, Mandarin Orange, Alien Pop, and Watermelon Ice.