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Latest Got7 snack combines tasty chocolate spread with mini breadsticks

got7 nutrition spread n stick

The always fun and creative functional brand Got7 Nutrition, has another interesting snack this month, introducing Got7 Spread ‘N Stick. It is a pot of delicious chocolate spread packaged with mini breadsticks for you to dip in, eat, and enjoy. The product is something we’ve seen from a few other companies such as MET-Rx, Myprotein, and The Skinny Food Co.

Got7 Nutrition’s Spread ‘N Stick is along the same lines as Myprotein’s Protein Dip Pot regarding nutrition, being moderately high in calories although there is some high protein in there too. The product’s entire pot of chocolate spread and sticks provides 9.6g of protein, 22g of carbohydrates with only 3.2g of that sugar, 16g of fat, and a total of 256 calories.

While Spread ‘N Stick from Got7 Nutrition isn’t overly lean, especially compared to a typical protein bar, we have to imagine it makes up for that in taste, like a lot of other Got7 snacks and treats. The delicious looking product is available now in Europe, including through the brand’s online store, where it is currently on sale at the low price of just €1.43 (1.70 USD).