Nominees for the competitive International Brand Of The Year Award

Nov 25th, 2020
international brand of the year nominees

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be revealing the nominees for our various Brand Of The Year Awards, with the winner to be announced the following Monday. We’re starting things off today with the list of nominees for our International Brand Of The Year Award, which takes any brand outside of North America into consideration.

For 2020, the International category has been extremely competitive, although most of the excitement and creativity has come from supplement companies out of the UK. The things we look for in our nominees are the same for each category, with brands that launch well put together products and fun flavors, venture into new areas of the industry, and stay consistent throughout the year.

For our International Brand Of The Year Award, we have five nominees listed below, all of which very clearly delivered the things we look for and better than all of the brands we follow. A few other supplement companies that didn’t make the nomination list but feel their efforts are worth acknowledging include CNP, Switch Nutrition, Bodylab, and USN.


  • Naughty Boy
  • Supplement Needs
  • Rocka Nutrition
  • Trained By JP Nutrition
  • Myprotein

As mentioned earlier, we’ll be announcing the winner of our International Brand Of The Year Award this coming Monday, with the next lot of nominees coming Wednesday of next week. We have also organized a trophy for each of the categories, although the winner of the prestigious overall Brand Of The Year will still be taking home the biggest of them all.

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