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Iron Kingdom formulates eBrain for a comprehensive nootropic experience

iron kingdom ebrain

Popular Canadian brand Iron Kingdom, has a relatively comprehensive selection of supplements, covering most of the mainstream categories, including weight loss, protein powder, amino, and of course, pre-workout. It does have some of the more specialty products such as a testosterone booster and a nighttime formula, and now with its latest effort, it can help out fans of the focus side of things.

Iron Kingdom has introduced eBrain this week; a nootropic supplement formulated to increase focus and concentration, improve clarity and cognition, reduce stress, and support memory. The product promises to deliver on that with 11 main ingredients backing it, all of which are transparently dosed, with a few of those dosages at reasonable amounts, such as 600mg of lion’s mane.

iron kingdom ebrain

Some of the other main features in Iron Kingdom’s eBrain are 200mg of theanine, 300mg each of alpha-GPC and bacopa, and it is caffeinated, although it doesn’t come with a lot at just 90mg per serving. The supplement is only available in capsule form, not flavored powder like most of the nootropic products rolling out recently, and packs the usual amount of servings at 30.

Fans of Iron Kingdom can look forward to seeing eBrain in all of its usual stores soon, but if you want to get your hands on it as quickly, it is already available directly from the brand. Iron Kingdom’s online store has bottles of eBrain at $59.99 (46.18 USD) each, or if you get in soon, you can take advantage of the brand’s Black Friday sale and get one free when you buy two, which works out to $39.99 (30.78 USD) a bottle.