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Like A Pro delivers on its promise of a well formulated joint support supplement

like a pro complete joint health

It wasn’t that long ago that Jeff Long’s reputable brand Like A Pro, announced it would be getting into the joint supplement market with a promising combination of ingredients. While Like A Pro didn’t name any of the formula’s features, it confirmed it the product would come with nine different ingredients, and two-thirds of those would be premium, branded ingredients.

Like A Pro has now completely unveiled its joint support supplement, officially named ‘Complete Joint Health’. You can get a glimpse at the ingredients the brand has jammed into its hefty six capsule serving below, and as promised, there are nine well-dosed ingredients. Six of those nine are indeed premium branded ingredients; all to improve, protect, and support overall joint health.

like a pro complete joint health

Like A Pro’s Complete Joint Health includes highlights such as half a gram of VitaCherry tart cherry, WokVel boswellia at 800mg per serving, 400mg of Longvida curcumin, and 40mg of UC-II collagen. Another thing worth pointing out is Jeff Long and his brand haven’t thrown in any typical joint ingredients such as MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin, taking a more modern approach.

Complete Joint Health is not available just yet, but already has a listing on Like A Pro’s website. Through there, fans can actually sign up via email address or phone number to be notified when the loaded joint support supplement eventually arrives and is ready to purchase.