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MAN says its upcoming Caramel Apple is one of its best tasting ISO-Aminos to date

man sports caramel apple iso amino

MAN Sports has done many different flavors for its original candy-flavored amino supplement ISO-Amino, over the years, some of which we had never seen before. The brand has put together unique flavors such as Whimps Candy Banana, Mystery Flavor, various Coffee Creamer options, and Rosé Champagne, although, despite all of that, it still continues to pump out new flavors.

Next week for Black Friday, MAN Sports is hitting fans with not only a great deal involving what we expect to be some strong deals and discount but also another creative flavor of ISO-Amino. The upcoming addition to the BCAA-based supplement is a sweet Caramel Apple, which the brand actually says could be one of its best flavors ever, making it well worth picking up.

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