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Maxler gets Christmassy with a special edition flavor of its flagship protein

maxler christmas flavor whey protein

Popular German brand Maxler, who is available in several countries across Europe as well as outside of the continent, has joined in on the fun of the season of giving. More brands than we can count have come out or announced some sort of special edition flavor or product these past few months for Christmas, which is exactly what Maxler has just done for a flavor of its Ultra Whey protein powder.

The name of Maxler’s special edition Ultra Whey is actually quite vague in ‘Christmas Flavor’. The brand has not provided any description but does include holiday-themed cookies in its flavor callout, leading us to think it’s gingerbread or even the taste we’ve seen so much from Europe lately in speculaas. It comes with Ultra Whey’s usual macros, led by a strong 24g of whey-powered protein per serving.

Maxler’s Christmas Flavor Ultra Whey is available now in Europe, but only for a limited time and in just one of the supplement’s standard sizes, with a small 450g bag packing a total of 15 servings.

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