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Metalab updating its amino with a full-spectrum of EAAs and PeakO2

metalab moonwalk

South African company Metalab recently revamped one of its first few supplements to hit the market earlier this year with the pre-workout Spellbound. The brand dropped a few ingredients and added some new ones, and now it is looking to do the same for another one of its first products in Moonwalk, bringing several changes to the amino formula.

Metalab’s second version of Moonwalk is essentially a more focused amino supplement, keeping all of the important ingredients at better dosages for muscle recovery, and adding a new key feature. The sequel product comes with all nine EAAs instead of eight, and a higher combined amount of 7.1g versus the original’s 6.4g.

Metalab still has added glutamine, citrulline, and taurine in Moonwalk but at twice their amounts except for taurine, with 2g of glutamine per serving, a gram of citrulline, and a gram of taurine. As mentioned, there is also a new key feature in the supplement with the PeakO2 performance blend, included at a little less than its usual full amount of 2g at 1.5g.

metalab moonwalk

As we said, the brand really seems to have refocused the formula behind Moonwalk, putting in more of the important ingredients plus added performance support. It no longer comes with the electrolyte blend and vitamin matrix it previously had, nor the small 500mg of beta-alanine. It essentially swapped all of that for a full-spectrum of EAAs, more of the other aminos, and PeakO2.

Metalab is hoping to have its revamped Moonwalk available for purchase in South Africa before the end of the year, which isn’t all that long away at about seven weeks. When the product eventually arrives, it’ll have an improved menu to go with the formula, including an all-new Cherry Limeade flavor, with slightly fewer servings than the original at 25 instead of 30.