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Myoband creates a more convenient way to order its flagship protein Oblivion+

myoband oblivion pouches

Supplement company Myoband from the UK, has put together a new and more convenient way for its growing fanbase to order its amino infused protein Oblivion+. It is a smaller size of the original that comes in a fully recyclable pouch, with the main idea being that it easily slides into letterboxes in UK homes and can be ordered in various frequencies.

Myoband has squeezed just 15 servings into its bags of Oblivion+, which is half of what you get in the supplement’s traditional plastic tub. As far as we know, the formula in the bags is the same as the original, featuring casein to provide a light 7.5g of protein per 16g serving, a 5g blend of BCAAs and glutamine, and 1.75g of creatine monohydrate.

It is worth noting that Myoband does promote the protein amount from whole protein and aminos on the outside of the Oblivion+ pouches, something it also does on the tub. On the back, however, it does outline them separately, saying that 7.5g of the protein is from the whole protein source casein, and the rest is the product’s various amino acids.

Myoband is going to start taking orders for its bags of Oblivion+ starting tomorrow, with customers able to subscribe for as often as a bag a week down to once every ten weeks. While the convenience is a plus for the new size, the value is also strong, with the brand setting the half-size price at £16.99 (22.34 USD), which is less than half of the tub.