Myprotein drops a bunch of new flavors and products for Black Friday in the US

Nov 22nd, 2020
myprotein black friday 2020 us releases

In the US, Myprotein has a whole bunch of new products lined up for Black Friday, most of which are flavor extensions of items already on the market and one is entirely new. While Black Friday is still a few days away, the international brand has already kicked things off, releasing all of its new flavors and supplement alongside a massive 45% off everything on its US website.

Myprotein’s list of launches for Black Friday includes a Chocolate Brownie flavor of its high-protein Layered Bar and a Blackberry option for the refreshing fruity protein, Clear Whey Isolate. There are also two cereal-themed flavors for Impact Whey Protein, with Fruity Cereal and Marshmallow Cereal, and a Dark Chocolate flavor for the functional coffee, The Coffee Boost.

On the entirely new side of things, Myprotein has introduced The EAA + Greens, which is a spin-off of its year-old ‘The EAAs’. The EAA + Greens features a slightly lighter dose of the Amino9 EAA blend found in The EAAs, and combines it with greens ingredients. It is an amino and superfood hybrid, similar to Beyond Yourself’s GrEAAns, although there is only a gram of greens in Myprotein’s product.

myprotein black friday 2020 us releases

To top it all off, the brand has also put together a couple of special edition box sets, packed full of supplements, snacks, and samples. There is the main Black Friday Box with samples of some of the brand’s most popular products, full-size snacks and fish oil, and a shaker. The other one is the Myprotein Pro Box with ten serving sample tubs of four different Pro Series supplements.

You can purchase any of Myprotein’s Black Friday products over on its US online store As mentioned, the brand is running a huge sale for the occasion, where you get 45% off everything on the website using the code ‘BLACK’. That includes its Black Friday releases, with that 45% dropping The EAA + Greens from $44.99 to a much better $24.74 for a tub of 30 servings.