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Traditional Cookies & Cream flavor comes to the Carb Crusher protein bar

myprotein cookies and cream carb crusher protein bar

The Carb Crusher is a protein bar from Myprotein with a similar build and name to the popular and top-rated Grenade Carb Killa, also from the UK. When we tried the product shortly after it hit the market, we found it had some great flavor but was held back by a tough and dense consistency. Myprotein has since improved the Carb Crusher, although we have yet to go back and try it again.

The reason we’re bringing up Myprotein’s Carb Crusher protein bar, released initially two and a half years ago in May of 2018, is because it’s landed itself a fresh new flavor. The addition to the product is actually quite a common option, something you’ll find on the menu of a lot of protein bars with Cookies & Cream, providing a solid 23g of protein per bar and just under 2g of sugar.

Myprotein’s Cookies & Cream Carb Crusher is now available for purchase from its international online store at, alongside its five other options at £23.99 (31.88 USD) for a box of 12.