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Naughty Boy shares more details on its thermogenic spin-off of SickPump

naughty boy sickpump thermo

SickPump Thermo is another spin-off of Naughty Boy’s pump-enhancing pre-workout, more simply named SickPump. As you could have probably guessed, SickPump Thermo is a weight-loss supporting version of SickPump, bringing together two categories. Like the original SickPump, the brand has formulated the supplement to improve muscle pumps and thrown in several ingredients to help burn fat.

Naughty Boy’s SickPump Thermo has just as many compounds to enhance muscle pumps as SickPump, including three of its main features with 3g of GlycerSize glycerol, 6g of citrulline, and 3g of betaine. The brand has gone with a premium approach on the weight loss side, putting in a number of branded ingredients, promising better results than the typical hybrid that just adds caffeine and green tea.

SickPump Thermo essentially has just as many ingredients for pumps as it does fat burning, starting with acetyl-l-carnitine and olive leaf. You then have all of its premium ingredients with Cocoabuterol, ProGBB branded GBB, and the promising, up and coming Mitoburn. The other important detail for the Naughty Boy product is it’s completely stimulant-free, so it can be stacked with stimulant supplements.

Naughty Boy is planning to finally release SickPump Thermo in the last month of the year, which is only a few weeks away. It is going to available around the same time as the Christmas edition Candy Cane flavor of Menace that was posted about yesterday. When it comes to flavors for SickPump Thermo, fans of the UK lifestyle brand will have only the one to choose from in Apple and Mango.