Passionfruit coming to Ghost Glow on Thursday in the US, Canada and Australia

Nov 1st, 2020
passionfruit ghost glow

While Ghost Glow may be one of Ghost’s latest supplements, arriving back in July, it is already adding to the well-formulated beauty product created for skin hydration, anti-aging, and more. This coming week, the original lifestyle supplement company is giving fans of the Ghost Glow a third flavor to choose from, to join its original pair of Peach and Blueberry Acai.

Ghost will be keeping the fruity-theme alive for its newest addition to Ghost Glow’s menu with Passionfruit, set to launch in all of the brand’s usual markets except Europe. The Passionfruit Ghost Glow is arriving for the US and Canada at precisely midday Central Time on Thursday; however, Australians will be getting it a bit earlier at midday local time on their Thursday.

The place to go for all of those Passionfruit Ghost Glow launches will be the brand’s website, where it has redirects and links set up for each of its separate online stores. Directly from Ghost, the product costs $49.99 or $40 for those of you signed up to our Stack3d Insider, and in Australia you’ll be looking at pretty much the same at $71.99 (50.57 USD).