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PEScience introduces its clean carbohydrate VersaCARB powered by Carb10

pescience versacarb

The reputable PEScience, maker of the delicious Select Protein and one of our go-to brands, has put together a carbohydrate supplement in VersaCARB, to mix into your shake, smoothie, or have by itself. The product is not just any carbohydrate formula; it is powered by premium Carb10, which has much lower insulin and blood sugar responses compared to standard maltodextrin.

Carb10 is the one and only ingredient in PEScience’s new VersaCARB, without any flavoring or sweeteners, so when you mix it into a shake or smoothie, you won’t have to worry about it affecting the taste all that much. An entire 900g tub of VersaCARB comes with 30 servings, each packing 25g of carbohydrates, all coming from Carb10, with no sugar, only a gram of fat, and 110 calories.

You can order VersaCARB now directly from PEScience through its online store at a regular price of $29.99. The value on that is not too bad, sitting right around the usual cost and servings of MTS Nutrition’s Machine Carb, which is also a Carb10-only carbohydrate supplement. On PEScience’s website, you can use the usual coupon codes such as ‘INSIDER’ for 15% off and drop it to $25.50.