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Classic cookies and cream coming to Primeval’s 2lb Isolit lineup this Friday

primeval 2lb isolit cookies and cream

While Primeval Labs does have a lot of flavors available for its more premium, whey isolate-based protein powder Isolit, not all of them are available for its two primary tub sizes. Those two tubs are the traditional protein powder sizes of 2lbs and 5lbs, with the former about to get another flavor to choose from in just a few days for the giant sales event that is Black Friday.

Primeval Labs has confirmed that later this week, it is releasing its classic Cookies and Cream flavor of Isolit in the supplement’s smaller 2lb tub, as at the moment, you can only get it in the 5lb. The brand will, of course, have some sort of deal or discount available for when the product arrives, and knowing how big Primeval has gone in the past, fans won’t want to miss it.