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Priority makes its latest product all about digestion and gut health

priority nutrition deep clean

Priority Nutrition’s latest supplement, which was teased earlier this month, has arrived, and as confirmed, it is indeed a dedicated digestion and gut health product. The name of the still very new brand’s fifth release overall is ‘Deep Clean’, and like all of the other items in its gradually growing lineup, it is powered by seven transparently dosed ingredients.

As mentioned, Deep Clean is a gut health product created to help rid your body of excess waste, improve digestion, and reduce bloating; essentially all of the benefits of a typical gut health supplement. As for what the brand has put into this one, you can see its complete facts panel directly below, including the likes of aloe vera, milk thistle, psyllium husk, and slippery elm bark.

priority nutrition deep clean

While it has been a relatively quiet year for Priority Nutrition, it is great to see the brand back in headlines and sticking with some of the things that made it stand out in the first place. Priority has always created products for categories outside of the usual areas such as pre-workout, amino, and protein powder, which helps separate it from most others and continues in Deep Clean.

You can grab Priority Nutrition’s Deep Clean starting this month from its website, where it is a little more expensive than most of the gut health and digestion supplements we’ve seen at $49.99 for a bottle of 30 servings.