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Stackable storage containers coming from ShakeSphere in December

shakesphere stackable

ShakeSphere is the maker of a unique, tumbler shaker featuring a high-quality and durable build whose primary highlight is its rounded base to easily and conveniently mix almost anything. In December, the UK company is coming out with something outside its usual world of shakers with high-quality and durable, stackable storage containers.

They are similar to what we’ve seen from other shaker companies such as BlenderBottle, although we do admit, ShakeSphere’s do look a whole lot more stylish. The brand has named its storage containers ‘Stackable’, which is another key feature of the product as they come in sets of three with a capped lid, and they can all be screwed and stacked together.

Like ShakeSphere’s signature round-base tumbler, the Stackable containers also feature a rounded base, to make it easier to empty and clean. They have a volume of 3oz each, plenty of room for one serving of most supplements, and they’re coming in three colors that have a black outer but colored plastic in Frosted, Cyan Blue, and Rose Gold.

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