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Highly-dosed Standalone Paradoxine capsules now available from SNS

sns paradoxine

While Serious Nutrition Solutions, better known as SNS, does have plenty of advanced, complex, and effective supplements in its selection, it also has a wide variety of standalone, single-ingredient products. All of those supplements fall under the brand’s Baseline Series, which doesn’t just feature your typical basic creatine, glutamine, and BCAA products.

SNS uses many ingredients in its Baseline Series that you won’t find separately from too many other companies out there, including the likes of cissus, synephrine, ashwagandha, bulbine, and yohimbine. This week, the brand has debuted another Baseline supplement with Paradoxine, featuring a large 100mg dose of Paradoxine grains of paradise in each of its 120 capsules.

The SNS retailer DPS Nutrition is one of the first places stocking Paradoxine, and it is running a deal that’s well worth getting in on if you want to grab more than one bottle. For a limited time, instead of paying $29.99, DPS has two full-size bottles at $22.40 each, plus you get a giant bag of 540 SNS RK125 capsules for a combined $44.79 using the code ‘DPS10’.