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Voting for the first round in the 2020 Protein Wars is now open

stack3d 2020 protein wars

Voting for the first round in the eighth annual Protein Wars is open, and we’ve introduced a few changes to the supplement showdown. For those unfamiliar with the contest, it is where we get everyone to vote and decide what protein powder is the most popular. We’ve had five champions across seven years, including Machine Whey, Nutrabio WPI, MAN’s ISO-Protein, Cellucor’s Cor Whey, and Ghost Whey.

The new rules we’ve added for this year’s Protein Wars are that fans can only vote once per round, so one vote per week, and you are required to enter your email to verify your vote. The email won’t be used for anything else outside of that; it is purely there to confirm voting. Also, like with our Clash Of The Cans contest, we ask that brands don’t give away products or prizes to encourage or in exchange for votes.

If you see a brand or anyone breaching these rules, please let us know via our contact page, as the Protein Wars has and always intends to be a fun and friendly competition. This week we have round one taking place, where we get every protein powder to be voted on. Next week, we’ll take the top 16, and split them up into four groups of four, then the winner of each group will progress to the semifinals.

You can get your vote in for the opening round in the 2020 Protein Wars over at, and be sure to show your support and share it across social media. The first round closes at midnight this coming Sunday, with the second round kicking off the morning of the following day.

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