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AMPED AF revamp brings a fresh new look and twice as many flavors

steel supplements amped af revamp

Hardcore brand Steel Supplements has revamped and relaunched its flagship pre-workout Amped AF, although fans who liked the previous version don’t need to worry about any performance changes. Steel has only updated two areas of the product, neither of which should affect how it performs as the ingredients and dosages appear to have remained exactly the same.

What Steel Supplements has done to Amped AF is give it a familiar but refreshed label design and updated its selection of flavors. You can see the pre-workout’s new look in the image above, featuring a similar display of information but a different color scheme and background graphic. As for the new menu, instead of two tastes to choose from, Amped AF has doubled to four.

Steel Supplements’ revamped Amped AF now comes in Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry Sherbet, and the new flavors, Berry Burst and Blueberry Kiwi. The brand is, of course, running a sale for Black Friday where you get 30% off everything using the coupon ‘BF2020’, which takes a full-size tub of Ampled AF from $55 down to $38.50, and there are freebies if your order hits $150.