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Reputable Strom Sports adds a comprehensive digestion formula to its family

strom sports digestmax

Reputable UK company Strom Sports is introducing an all-new supplement this week named DigestMax, and as you could probably guess, it is indeed all about improving and supporting digestion and gut health. Strom is known for its quality and comprehensive formulas, which continues with DigestMax as it’s a lot more than a typical digestive enzyme-based product.

The combination of ingredients Strom Sports has brought together for DigestMax includes 5g each of the fibers inulin and psyllium husk, and the enzyme bromelain, as well as the premium DigeZyme enzyme blend at 150mg per serving. Lastly, to complete the supplement, the brand has thrown in a variety of probiotics with lactobacillus bulgaricus, acidophilis, and rhamnosus.

Strom Sports’ DigestMax is available for purchase directly from the brand’s website at £34.95 (46.04 USD). While that price is a little higher than your average digestion product, you do get quite a few servings in this one. It comes with 40 in total and Strom suggests starting with a half serving, so you could probably get a month and a half out of it if you do that for a few days.

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