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Promising new pre-workout up next from Titan Nutrition and its Elite Series

titan nutrition war machine

South Africa’s Titan Nutrition has dropped a teaser image for an all-new pre-workout named War Machine. It is going to be separate from the brand’s two supplement already in the category in the well-rounded Savage Pre and the more intense Wreck, from its Elite Series. War Machine will also actually come under Titan’s Elite Series, although it won’t have the line’s usual look.

The upcoming War Machine from Titan Nutrition is going to feature a military green-based label design with black text and ends, distinctively different from the likes of Wreck with red on black. As for what’s in the well-established South African brand’s latest supplement, all we know is that it’s a pre-workout and sounds like it might be Titan’s most intense or advanced to date.

Definitely stay tuned as we’ll share more information as it comes in, and this one does have the potential of turning out to be quite interesting. Titan Nutrition’s other pre-workouts are relatively well formulated, including highlights such as 9g of citrulline malate, 450mg of caffeine, and 2.8g of betaine, so if War Machine is indeed a step further, it could be worth the wait.