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1st Phorm’s Dermaval enhanced collagen formula gets two actual flavors

1st phorm collagen flavors

Until this week, 1st Phorm didn’t have any flavors available for its collagen supplement that combines a solid 16.7g blend of various collagen sources and premium Dermaval to support natural collagen production. The product came in just the one, straightforward Unflavored option, which is great to mix with other flavors supplements or throw into a smoothie.

1st Phorm has now finally released its simply named ‘Collagen’ in two actual flavors, both of which are relatively traditional tastes in Chocolate and French Vanilla. They come with all of the same main ingredients and hair, skin, and nails benefits as the original Unflavored, and they cost the same through the brand’s website at $44.95 for a tub of 30 servings.

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