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MusclEAA gives fans of AllMax an EAA-based amino with added Mediator

allmax nutrition muscleeaa

AllMax Nutrition is introducing MusclEAA today, which true to its name, is indeed an EAA-based amino supplement. It comes with a full spectrum of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, although that isn’t all that’s in there. The brand has also included two other ingredients outside of the EAAs to help MusclEAA support more than recovery.

AllMax Nutrition’s latest creation includes that full spectrum of EAAs at a combined 7g in each of its 30 servings, with 4.2g of that being BCAAs, and the remaining 2.8g made up of the other six EAAs. As for those extra ingredients in MusclEAA, there is a moderate 400mg of Mediator branded phosphatidic acid to support muscle growth, and another 400mg of selaginella tamariscina to improve blood flow and pumps.

We had yet to see AllMax Nutrition come out with an EAA-powered amino supplement, with the BCAA-based AminoCore being its primary focus for the popular category. MusclEAA finally gives fans of the brand that more complete and comprehensive approach, plus the added features, with MusclEAA available now in two candy flavors, Blue Shark and Candy Keys.