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Cozy Cuddles isn’t the only limited flavor American Dream drops for winter

american dream nut butter limited winter edition

Just as the high-protein nut butter brand promised, yesterday, American Dream Nut Butter released its all-new, limited-edition flavor of almond butter called Cozy Cuddles. The brand likens the product to a warm hug, with the almond-based butter having a hot cocoa taste, and delicious salty caramel chips and miniature marshmallows sprinkled throughout.

While Cozy Cuddles is no doubt a nice way for American Dream Nut Butter to close out the year, it has surprised fans and dropped four other limited-edition, high-protein nut butters. Arriving alongside Cozy Cuddles is Candy Cane Kisses peanut butter with Ghiradelli white chocolate and peppermint, and Gingerdoodle in peanut and almond butter featuring crushed graham crackers, white chocolate, and holiday sprinkles.

all american nut butter gingerdoodle

The one other American Dream Nut Butter winter edition launch is the only entirely new product of the lot, as the others are all returning, with Bundle Up Blondie. It is a butterscotch and blondie cookie-flavored almond butter with added Ghiradelli white chocolate, sweet Hershey’s butterscotch chips, and crumbly Oreo golden sandwich cookies.

You can grab American Dream Nut Butter’s Cozy Cuddles, Gingerdoodle, Candy Cane Kisses, and Bundle Up Blondie exclusively through its online store. The macros on the products are all around your typical American Dream almond and peanut butter, with the same to be said about their prices. The almond butters are $14.99 each per jar, and the peanut butters are $10.49 for Gingerdoodle and $11.49 for Candy Cane Kisses.