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Apple Pie flavor joins Big Whey Gourmet menu with biscuits pieces in the powder

apple pie a la mode big whey gourmet

Big Whey Gourmet is one of Japanese brand Bulk Sports’ many protein powders on the market, featuring a whey concentrate-based formula providing 21g of protein per serving. The difference with Big Whey Gourmet compared to the regular Big Whey is mentioned in the name, with the supplement featuring a more flavorful experience and unique, rich flavors.

Bulk Sports is adding to that product this week, just in time for the New Year, which already has some tasty options available such as Fresh Strawberry, Double Chocolate Chips, and Matcha Cream and Azuki Bean. Taking the supplement to a total of five flavors is another gourmet taste with Apple Pie A La Mode featuring actual biscuit bits throughout the product’s powder.

You can pick up Bulk Sports’ all-new Apple Pie A La Mode Big Whey Gourmet from its online store at ¥3,758 (36.31 USD) for a 1kg bag. You can also save a bit if you purchase either of the brand’s bulk options with three bags at ¥3,326 (32.14 USD) each or the variety bundle with one of each of Big Whey Gourmet’s five flavors at ¥3,382 (32.68 USD) each.