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Long-running Multifood from ATP Science becomes Vital Food

atp science vital food

ATP Science, who is available here in the US, has a well thought out selection of supplements, reaching into many different categories as well as putting together some unique takes on popular markets. One of the areas it does quite well in is health and wellness, as it has multiple products for general, overall health, as opposed to the typical building muscle, improving recovery, and burning fat.

One of ATP Science’s more popular health and wellness supplements is, or was, the long-running Multifood, a phytonutrient superfood formula that transitioned to the brand’s comprehensive 4 Pillars Series in 2018. The Australia-based company is now transitioning the product again, although this time it is changing the name, dropping Multifood in favor of the very similar ‘Vital Food’.

The benefits and goals of the ATP Science supplement are much the same, with Vital Food packed full of superfood ingredients, including the likes of acerola, guava, amla, and guava extract. The brand doesn’t disclose any of the dosages of Vital Food’s ingredients, but they’re small enough to pack into a two capsule serving size, with the product now in stock and available from the brand’s website.

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