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Beyond Raw packs its fat burner Burn MF full of premium ingredients

beyond raw burn mf

Reputable brand Beyond Raw is taking on the highly competitive world of weight loss supplements with its latest launch, introducing the stimulant-fueled fat burner, Burn MF. Like most of the products in the brand’s lineup, Beyond Raw Burn MF features a complex combination of ingredients, looking to tackle fat loss from a variety of different angles.

Beyond Raw’s retail partner GNC is now stocking Burn MF in a 90 capsule bottle, which provides 30 servings to get you through the month, and it costs $49.99. The formula behind the supplement aims to increase energy and mental focus, like most products in the category, as well as enhance thermogenesis and metabolism, and support overall weight loss.

beyond raw burn mf

Beyond Raw has packed Burn MF with ten main ingredients, almost all of those being premium branded ingredients. It includes Dynamine at a moderate 25mg, Morosil red orange extract, Capsimax, Suntheanine, and Synapsa bacopa. There is also Xtenergy targeted release caffeine that combines with caffeine anhydrous to provide a strong 300mg of caffeine per serving, and the patented OptiNOS blend, known for its pump benefits.

Burn MF is quite a different fat burner, mostly due to Beyond Raw putting its attention on ingredients for benefits outside of the usual energy. Its inclusion of OptiNOS, Capsimax, and Morosil, proven to reduce fat accumulation and weight gain, really help it stand out. Once again, Beyond Raw’s Burn MF is in stock and available now from GNC at $49.99 a bottle.