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Bodylab infuses traditional Danish Vaniljekranse with extra protein

bodylab vaniljekranse

Bodylab is showing its Christmas spirit this month with a release that’s not a special edition flavor, version, or spin-off, but a completely new and limited edition Christmas product. The danish functional food and sports supplement brand has come out with a jar of its own take on traditional Danish Vaniljekranse, infused, of course, with extra protein.

Vaniljekranse is a traditional Danish cookie typically made around the holiday season from wheat flour, butter, vanilla, and sugar. Bodylab’s Vaniljekranse are made with those ingredients plus whey protein isolate and eggs. Those extras give them a high 21% protein with around the same amount of fat, and 7g of carbohydrates in 20g worth of cookie.

The Bodylab product is, of course, a fitting release for this time of year and a great treat for fans to close out 2020. You can purchase the brand’s high protein Vaniljekranse directly from its website at just 29 DKK (4.72 USD) for a 200g jar.

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