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Crispy protein balls from Bombbar now come covered in white chocolate

bombbar white chocolate dragee

When it comes to high-protein snacks, Russian brand Bombbar has one of the biggest varieties out there, right up there with the likes of Myprotein and XXL Nutrition. It has everything from traditional protein bars and cookies, with dairy and plant-based options, to more uncommon items such as pots of straight meat, protein ice cream, and its delicious Dragee crispy balls.

Bombbar’s Dragee protein snack is actually in the spotlight this week as it has received a sweet new flavor. The product itself, as mentioned, is quite different, with bite-sized balls featuring a crispy corn center and tasty milk chocolate around the outside. The brand’s chocolate tastes just like the real thing; however, the balls are high in protein and have no added sugar.

Up until now, Bombbar’s Dragee was available in the one flavor with a crispy ball center coated in milk chocolate. The product can now be purchased in a second option, which features one difference, in that the balls are coated in white chocolate. The macros on this one are the same, including 30g of protein per bag, 27.8g of carbohydrates, 23.1g of fat, and 490 calories.

You can grab Bombbar’s tasty new White Chocolate Dragee through its Russian online store, and it of course costs the same as the original Milk Chocolate Dragee at 190₽ (2.50 USD) for a large 120g bag.

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