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Long-running EAA Purple Wraath now in Lemon Lime in a giant 90 serving tub

controlled labs lemon lime purple wraath

Purple Wraath is an amino supplement from Controlled Labs that was on the EAA train long before it became a trend, although it doesn’t have a full spectrum of EAAs, featuring eight of the nine, with tryptophan being the one missing. Purple Wraath has been on the market for an enormous amount of time and gained quite a loyal fanbase, and this week the brand is giving back to it by way of a new flavor.

Controlled Labs Purple Wraath has landed itself a sixth flavor, although it comes in only one of the supplement’s three sizes, 30, 45, and 90 servings. The flavor is a classic Lemon Lime, and it is available in Purple Wraath’s most cost-effective tub, the massive 90 serving. You can grab it starting this week through both Amazon and the brand’s website, with the former being the cheaper way to go at $59.99.