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Organ support series Core Lifeline in the works with Core Nutritionals

core life line

Core Nutritionals’ line of supplements is already one of the most extensive on the market, in fact, it’s one of the few brands we regularly rely on and purchase personal stacks from. As extensive as it already is, covering everything from pre-workout, amino, and protein, to more complex products such as GDA, anabolic, and thermogenic formulas; it is about to get even bigger.

Core Nutritionals has shared plans on what it is currently referring to as Core Lifeline. It is a series of health and wellness supplements created to support specific areas of the body and organs. Some of the types of products the brand is looking at putting together for Core Lifeline focus on heart, liver, kidney, and prostate health, as well as something to help with inflammation.

It is worth noting Core Nutritionals is currently just talking and planning Core Lifeline with nothing firm and finalized from what we can tell. It does however, seem like a very real concept that will eventually become a reality even if it evolves into something more. The brand did say it was setting itself up to have an even bigger 2021, which Core Lifeline would certainly ensure.

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