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G Fuel turns Fruit Punch into the limited time Cyber Punch for Cyber Week

cyber punch g fuel

Something G Fuel only recently started doing, first with its Rooster Teeth collaboration ‘People Like Grapes’, is take flavors that are already available for its star supplement and give them a different name and look for a limited time. The brand and Rooster Teeth’s People Like Grapes was exactly that, with a special edition version of the original Grape G Fuel.

The brand has done it a couple of other times since People Like Grapes from September, and this week, for Cyber Monday, the brand has yet another limited-edition makeover. This time around, G Fuel has taken its classic Fruit Punch flavor and turned it into Cyber Punch to go with its Cyber Week sale where you get 30% off with the coupon ‘CYBERWEEK’.

The Cyber Punch G Fuel is the same product from flavor through to ingredients and dosages as the previously released Fruit Punch G Fuel, but as mentioned, with that limited-time name and look. You can grab it now from the brand’s online store, where Cyber Punch is included in its Cyber Week sale at $25.19 a tub or in a bundle with a shaker at $27.99.

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