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Dorian Yates’ DY Nutrition take a different approach with the Renew Series

dy nutrition renew series

Dorians Yates’ brand DY Nutrition underwent a massive revamp in 2018, where it relaunched with a whole new selection of sports nutrition supplements and an awesome new look. It saw the introduction of products like the protein powder Shadowhey, the mass gainer Game Changer Mass, and the return of the brand’s longtime fat burner Black Bombs.

Two years on from that major relaunch, Dorian Yates’ DY Nutrition is back with another entirely new set of supplements called the Renew Series. There is a little more color to this lot and a more mainstream feel. The brand has steered away from the hardcore bodybuilding design of the 2018 revamp in favor of label designs that don’t appear to feature Yates at all.

dy nutrition renew series pre-workout

The formulas behind the DY Nutrition Renew Series products are also relatively straightforward, featuring common ingredients at strong and reliable dosages. For example, Renew’s ‘EAA’ comes with 6g of all nine EAAs per serving; ‘Whey Isolate’ has a lean 24.34g of protein with under a gram of carbs and fat; and the Renew Pre-Workout packs 2.4g of beta-alanine, 3g of creatine monohydrate, and 200mg of caffeine into a single serving.

You can check out all of the supplements in DY Nutrition’s all-new Renew Series on its website, and there are quite a few. The brand has three proteins, two pre-workouts, two aminos, a recovery product, creatine, glutamine, and a wide selection of essential-style supplements. The powders also come in single-serving sachets as opposed to traditional bulk tubs.

It is also worth nothing, the Renew Series does not appear to be replacing the more hardcore bodybuilding supplements from DY Nutrition. The brand is still selling all of them alongside the new line on its website.