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Hardcore brand Freak Label previews a beverage version of its pre-workout

freak label mosthated energy

Hardcore Russian supplement company Freak Label doesn’t have all that many complex products on the market at the moment, with most of its lineup falling under its straightforward, basic Core Line. The few advanced items it has available are the brand’s nootropic formula MDNS, the recently released amino Hydr8ed, and of course, the pre-workout, #MostHated.

Freak Label has now revealed that it is launching a spin-off of one of its complex supplements very shortly, with a beverage version of the pre-workout #MostHated. Like most powder to drink transformations, the product won’t feature all of the same ingredients. The #MostHated beverage will have 990mg of taurine, 495mg of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, a light 99mg of citicoline, and 297mg of caffeine for energy.

The formula does certainly come with a lot more ingredients than your traditional energy drink, such as Monster and Red Bull. However, it doesn’t match the variety and dosages of other pre-workout beverages that have come to market, such as C4 Ultimate On-The-Go and RYSE’s Blackout drink. Freak Label’s premixed #MostHated is due to drop in two flavors, with no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories.

As mentioned, the on-the-go pre-workout supplement is due to be available sometime soon, and to start; fans are only going to be able to get it in the city of Moscow. Freak Label is doing sort of a trial phase for the #MostHated beverage, where it’ll be free to sample at select gyms and health stores with full purchasability and wider availability presumably coming later down the road.