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GCode packs out its sequel Vice X with almost double the amount of actives

gcode nutrition vice x

GCode Nutrition has completely revealed and released its all-new version of its Vice pre-workout, Vice X, which is an improvement on the original. It features a lot of the same ingredients as its predecessor, with the key difference being that it has a higher total of actives. Where the brand’s first Vice had 14.46g, the revamped Vice X has almost doubled to 26g in a full serving.

If you’re a fan of GCode Nutrition and its pre-workout Vice, you will most certainly enjoy Vice X. It comes with all of the original ingredients and dosages with a few features slightly higher and a handful of new ingredients. The supplement’s maximum serving is well-dosed, although do note, the brand’s label only lists the formula based on its entry-level, single-scoop serving.

The changes fans of GCode Nutrition are getting in Vice X include more beta-alanine at 3.2g in its full, two-scoop serving, an intense 500mg of caffeine, and triple the citrulline malate at 6g. The new ingredients that have been added are 100mg each of theobromine and rhodiola, and for better pumps, 2g of AgmaMax agmatine and 4g of HydroPrime branded glycerol.

Based on the formula, GCode Nutrition’s Vice X looks to deliver the same level of focus and performance as its predecessor with more energy from the higher caffeine and stronger pumps with the added AgmaMax and HydroPrime. You can grab the upgraded pre-workout from the brand’s website in a Jacked Jungle Juice flavor for only slightly more than the first Vice at $44.95.