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Genius drops its anti-aging formula featuring SerinAid, NMN and the promising Telos95

genius brand genius eternal

Genius Eternal is the latest supplement from The Genius Brand that we’ve seen mentions and teasers of, although now it’s arrived with full details and availability. The all-new product is a dedicated anti-aging supplement, which despite the brand having a mountain of different products on the market, isn’t an area it’s put together something specifically for.

The Genius Brand’s Genius Eternal relies on three main ingredients to do as mentioned, support anti-aging. The supplement promises to improve memory, focus, cognition, and concentration, and mitochondrial function. It also features a premium, branded ingredient that’s proven it can impressively decrease cellular age by as much as eight and a half years.

genius brand genius eternal

The three main ingredients powering The Genius Brand’s promising new product are 800mg of SerinAid phosphatidylserine and 125mg of the NAD+ precursor, beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN. The third feature is responsible for the claim of decreased cellular aging with 95mg of Telos95, a proprietary blend of grapevine and olive leaf extracts.

To support the launch of Genius Eternal, The Genius Brand has put together a website dedicated entirely to the supplement. It goes over everything you need to know about the product, including details on its key ingredients, NMN and Telos95.

Through The Genius Brand’s Genius Eternal website, you can also purchase the supplement, although it is a lot more expensive than anything else we’ve seen from the brand. Over at, a full month’s supply of Genius Eternal carries a regular price of $199.99, although, for a limited time, it is discounted to $129.99, which is still high, but better.