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Genius puts an interesting twist on a traditional glutamine supplement

genius nutrition gluta x5

Genius Nutrition out of Romania, not to be confused with The Genius Brand from here in the US, has a new and rather different kind of glutamine supplement this month named Gluta-X5. It is essentially a glutamine-based product, with a solid 8g of the long-running ingredient per serving, although it does have a couple of others thrown in the mix.

Genius Nutrition’s Gluta-X5 gets its name from the fact it features a form of fermented l-alanyl-l-glutamine called Gluta-X5, dosed at 4g. That sits alongside 4g of regular l-glutamine to provide that combined 8g of glutamine. In addition to that, the supplement has 300mg of the prebiotic fiber inulin and 100mg of CocoMineral branded coconut water.

The goal of Genius Nutrition’s latest product is to support immune health and muscle catabolism, which is what the glutamine is for, inulin for digestion, and coconut water for hydration and performance. Gluta-X5 wraps up all four of its ingredients into a powder in Icy Lemonade, Strawberry, Pear, and Green Apple flavors, and is available now in Europe.