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Glaxon reveals the formula behind the revamp of its capsule pump supplement

glaxon plasm caps v2

Plasm Caps is Glaxon’s other blood flow and pump enhancing supplement that comes in capsule form and relies on a different set of ingredients from its powder pump product, Plasma Surge. It is also the next supplement the Brand Of The Year nominee plans on improving for its big season two overhaul following the revamp of Specimen, Plasma Surge, SuperGreens, Sedative, and Xeno, from the past couple of months.

As mentioned, Glaxon’s all-new Plasm Caps or Plasm Caps V2, is intended to be an improvement on the original, although it still has all of the same benefits and effects in mind. The product is formulated to improve and enhance blood flow and vasodilation for better muscle pumps, and it doesn’t come with any stimulants, like Plasma Surge V2, so it can be stacked with stimulant pre-workouts for even better pumps.

The ingredients and dosages in Glaxon’s Plasm Caps V2 are similar to the original, with some ingredients maintained and some increased in dose, as well as a few removals and additions. The ingredients dropped from the supplement include grape seed, glycerol, VasoDrive-AP, and AstraGin. The couple that has been added is AmealPeptide bioactive peptides at 508mg per serving, and Capros amla at 250mg.

glaxon plasm caps v2

The remaining ingredients Glaxon fans will recognize from the first Plasm Caps are premium NO3-T betaine nitrate, hawthorn berry at half a gram per serving, half the propionyl-l-carnitine at 125mg, and 33% more pine bark at 200mg. Once again, all of the changes Glaxon has made are to improve the product’s overall effectiveness, so if you enjoyed the original, you’ll likely appreciate the sequel, and it has one less capsule per serving at four.

Glaxon is planning to roll out its new and improved Plasm Caps V2 in the coming weeks, with the same amount of maximum servings per bottle as its predecessor at 21. There are still plenty more releases to come from the exciting and relatively new company, including more revamps of already available products and some interesting, entirely new supplements.