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HighKey’s new releases keep coming with keto-friendly coconut macaroons

highkey coconut macaroons

HighKey is back this week with another new functional product, its fourth entirely new item, in fact, in about a month and a half. The latest from the creative company is Coconut Macaroons, a keto-friendly spin on the classic coconut-based cookie. HighKey’s version of the treat is made with dried coconut as well as the sugar substitute allulose, cassava fiber, and cranberry and chia seeds.

The macros on HighKey’s Coconut Macaroons are, as mentioned, keto-friendly with a reasonable 7 to 8g of fat, only a gram of protein, and 19g of carbohydrates, although most of that is allulose and fiber, giving it just a gram of net carbs. The product is available in two flavors, with Original and Cocoa made with cocoa powder, both of which have 90 calories per cookie and eight cookies per box.

Like the last few new products from HighKey, the Coconut Macaroons are not available directly from the brand’s online store just yet. Instead, the brand has launched them through Amazon, where the two flavors are currently in stock at $14.97 for a bundle of three packs, working out to $4.99 each.

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