First-ever high-protein functional product from Jacked Factory is on the way

Dec 22nd, 2020
jacked factory authentic bar

Jacked Factory covers a lot of different categories, some of which it has multiple products in, such as pre-workout, protein powder, intra-workout, and weight loss. As extensive as the brand’s lineup is, it is notably missing from the fast-growing functional food space, although it looks like that is about to change in the coming weeks or months.

The team at Jacked Factory has previewed its first-ever functional product with the Authentic Bar, a high-protein bar named after its many other protein supplements; Authentic Whey, Mass, and MRP. The only macro we can confirm is 15g of protein, and it does appear to be another nut butter-based protein bar, similar to the tasty and popular Outright Protein Bar, with crispy protein pieces throughout.

Jacked Factory is looking to launch its Authentic Bar in four different flavors with Mint Chocolate Chip, Coconut Cashew, Peanut Butter Candy, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. All of the flavors have been pictured in their final, packaged forms, suggesting they’re out of production or at least close to it, and will be available for purchase soon.