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Jolly Rancher-inspired Jolly Watermelon ISO-Amino dropping tomorrow

jolly watermelon iso amino

Tomorrow morning, MAN Sports is dropping a tasty new option for its original candy-flavored amino supplement, the BCAA-based ISO-Amino. The product has been around for years, and as mentioned, it was the first supplement to offer candy flavors. The brand has gone well beyond that since launching cocktail-themed creations, low-calorie coffee creamers, and of course, more candy-like flavors.

The new addition to ISO-Amino’s menu MAN Sports is dropping tomorrow is yet another candy flavor, inspired by Jolly Rancher, with Jolly Watermelon. The product isn’t entirely new to fans of the brand, as it’s already available for its other amino, the full-spectrum EAA, ISO-EAA. The Jolly Watermelon ISO-Amino will be launching through MAN’s website with no doubt some strong introductory deals and discount.

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