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Kaged makes its fat burner more comprehensive with Clean Burn Amped

kaged muscle clean burn amped

As suspected yesterday based on Kaged Muscle’s teaser image, the next supplement from Kris Gethin’s brand is indeed an all-new version of its stimulant fat burner, Clean Burn. The product is called ‘Clean Burn Amped’, and is intended to be a more extreme take on the brand’s original weight loss supplement featuring a very different set of ingredients compared to its predecessor.

Kaged Muscle’s Clean Burn Amped promises all of the usual fat loss benefits with ingredients for increased energy, enhanced metabolism, and sweat producing thermogenesis. As mentioned, the ingredients behind Clean Burn Amped are quite different than that of Clean Burn; most notably, this one is not stimulant-free, with 248mg of PurCaf natural caffeine in a two-capsule serving.

kaged muscle clean burn amped

You can see the complete list of ingredients in Kaged Muscle’s more extreme and stimulant powered Clean Burn in the facts panel above. Alongside the PurCaf is three other premium, branded ingredients in 150mg of the Green Select Phytosome blend of green tea and sunflower lecithin, 200mg of Svetol green coffee bean, and 40mg of CaloriBurn GP grains of paradise.

Clean Burn Amped also comes with four ingredients to support water loss, all of which are commonly used in natural diuretic supplements, including 20mg of asparagus, 15mg of juniper, 10mg of parsley, and 5mg of uva ursi.

Not only has Kaged Muscle completely unveiled Clean Burn Amped today, it has also confirmed when the weight loss product is due to launch, and it’s not all that far away. The brand is looking to release its more comprehensive version of Clean Burn in just four days on Monday of next week through the Kaged Muscle app, then in its official online store at on Tuesday.